How to Find Paying Telecommuting Writing Jobs Online

How to Find Paying Telecommuting Writing Jobs Online

As a freelance writer, you probably spend hours scanning free job boards looking for telecommuting writing jobs -- in other words, freelance writing jobs you can do from home. With so many websites listing non-paying gigs amongst their paying job postings, it can take an hour or more each day to wade through the mess. Not to mention, just because a job is listed as a freelance job doesn't necessarily mean you can do the work from home. Many job posters are looking for freelance writers who will come to their place of business and do the writing work on-site. For those of us freelance writers who telecommute, this only complicates our job search.

My daily freelance writing job search on free job boards consists of the following: I pull up Indeed dot com and enter in several groups of search terms, such as "freelance writer" and "writer" "telecommute" -- there are at least a dozen keyword groups I search after these, but you get the idea. Then, I move on to the JournalismJobs dot com, WriteJobsdot com, and even Online-Writing-Jobs dot com. Then comes Craigslist, with its dreaded wade through the pools of non-paying gigs, gigs that pay in ad revenue only, and gigs that list "TBD" in the payment line. After much practice, I've honed my job searching system down to a half-hour process. Of course, this is just search time and doesn't include the time spent responding to ads, attaching resumes/writing samples, etc.

As seems to be the trend in the freelance writing world, most job posters never reply back. The few that do seem interested might ask for follow-up details and then disappear from the face of the earth, frequently because they find my rates not within their $3 per article budget. Let's face it -- the process of searching for telecommuting writing jobs on free job boards can be infuriating.

Would you like to know how to make money on the Web?

5 Ways To know how to Make Money With One Article

Would you like to know a winning formula on how to make money on the Web from writing articles? Here's how I do it: I write an article, create 4-5 versions of it, and sell it for use by others in my same profession. In fact, just that one part of my business generates enough income to fully support myself comfortably. Just about anyone in any profession or business can copy this formula.

I write articles for executive coaches and business consultants. They use different versions of my articles in their own newsletters, with their own names in the byline. When they purchase an article, they get reprint rights, but not exclusivity. But since they are in all parts of the country, and the world, they don't bump into others using the same article. They are also free to change the article.

This formula can be used in any industry. Let's say you are a veterinarian. You know a lot about pets, and about your vet clinic clients. You can easily write articles that appeal to your customers who are pet owners. You may already write and publish a regular newsletter with articles that appeal to your clients and potential clients.

What's to stop you from writing your article to suit the needs of other vets who need to send out a newsletter? You post a brief synopsis of this article on your website for vets, offering it to them for a fee. They buy the reprint rights, and it gets used by hundreds of other vets who want to save themselves time and energy on their own newsletters.


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